Welcome to We Are The People!

WATP is a prayer movement based upon the prayer of agreement Jesus taught us in Matthew 18:19.  When two believers will agree on earth concerning things on earth it shall be done by the Father in heaven.

Join Us In United Prayer

It is asked that people of faith spend 10-15 minutes or more praying for our nation and cities between the hours of 6pm and 9pm EST (of course, some people will choose to pray daily or at other times if the hours are not possible for them).  The website WeAreThePeople.me tells the story.  We who are believers in Jesus Christ, are called to be people of intercession and it must begin with me.  For prayer of agreement to bring powerful results in the earth we are called to united prayer.

Spread the Word

With this in mind, every partner in prayer with WATP is asked to spread the word through word of mouth, social media and all other means.  We have established a connection from our website to our facebook (www.facebook.com/wearethepeople.page) and twitter (@wearethepeopl15) accounts.

Who Can Join?

Individuals, entire churches, home bible study gatherings, etc., are invited to join this time of intercession for the health and well-being of America which in so many ways has slipped into mediocrity and despair.

Weekly Prayer Focus and Daily Posts

WATP will post a prayer focus for every Sunday gathering.  There is a place for people to gather in Fairfax, VA, and there will be daily posts concerning prayer.
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