Wednesday July 31, 2013 “Now is the time”

Yesterday we talked about Absalom – a son greatly grieved by his father at his death.  We discovered this young man had natural advantages but God looks on a man’s heart.    Absalom had a vengeful spirit toward his brother Amnon two years after Amnon committed a terrible deed.  Absalom killed his brother.  Later he … Continue reading

Tuesday July 30, 2013 “Absalom, Absalom”

“Absalom, Absalom, my son Absalom”.  Words of a broken- hearted King David after his son died.  Absalom is described in the Bible as a young man without a blemish from head to toe in 2Samuel 14:25. Outwardly perfect but inwardly his moral and spiritual nature was as Isaiah 1:6 described some in his day as … Continue reading

Monday July 29, 2013 “A Boy King”

The books of 2Kings and 2Chronicles in the Bible speak of Josiah who was king over God’s people beginning at the age of 8.  Josiah reigned as the Jews, the people , experienced a final surge of national independence and revival before the disintegration of the Southern Kingdom and the destruction of Jerusalem in 586 … Continue reading

Sunday July 28, 2013 Prayer Focus “Finally”

   Some say that nearly half the world’s population awaited July 22, 2013  4:24 pm.  Actually the multitude did not know that would be the exact day or hour but they knew that Prince William and Kate would eventually have a boy or a girl who one day could possibly reign on the throne as … Continue reading

Saturday July 27, 2013 “What will You Do in the End?”

The above words close chapter 5 of Jeremiah.  Are these words pertaining to the end of time and the “Judgment of the Sheep  and the Goats”,  the “Judgment seat of Christ”  or living in the time of the end that the Apostle Paul said would be marked by people being “lovers of pleasure more than … Continue reading

Friday July 26, 2013 “Yet They Prosper”

In Jeremiah 5:27&28, God says that His people had become great and rich believing the lies of wicked men. Problem was in their blessing, they forgot about those in need and did not plead the cause of the fatherless.     A selfish Christianity is a snare and the tactics of wicked men so insidious. Yes … Continue reading

Thursday July 25, 2013 “Entrapment By Wicked Men”

There are many smooth talkers in the world today who set traps for the righteous.  In Jeremiah 5:26 , we are told that there are snares and traps that catch men.  These are set by wicked men among God’s people.     Pray that what is shared in churches all over America be measured by the … Continue reading

Wednesday July 24, 2013 “Do you not fear Me?”

Although God does not want us to have a phobia concerning Him, He does desire reverence and respect . Because the people refused to fear the Lord and sinned in rebellion, good was withheld from them, we are told in Jeremiah 5:25.   Not one voice was lifted up to call the people to fear the … Continue reading

Tuesday July 23, 2013 “Forsake God and Serve Idols and Aliens”

That’s what the word of God says in Jeremiah 5:19.  Serving God is the safest place to be on the planet no matter where one lives.  Jeremiah the prophet said because you refuse my word, the enemy would come in and wreak havoc in our land and God’s people would become servants to idols and … Continue reading

Monday July 22, 2013 “Better Moms through Marijuana?”

Just when we think we have heard it all- according to a recent television program, moms claim better motherhood through “weed”. Even a child validates the claim that her mother changed for the better when she began to use  marijuana.  Children can’t wait to grow up and be able to become a user too – … Continue reading