Thursday August 6, 2020 “In Need of a Miracle”

2 Kings 8:1 Then Elisha spoke to the woman whose son he had restored to life, saying, “Arise and go, you and your household, and stay wherever you can; for the LORD has called for a famine, and furthermore, it will come upon the land for seven years.” The Prophet was used by God to … Continue reading

Wednesday August 5, 2020 “Trampled”

2 Kings 7:20 And so it happened to him, for the people trampled him in the gate, and he died. In Matt. 5:13 we are told that if salt loses its flavor it is good for nothing but to be trampled underfoot by men. The officer had lost his “saltiness of faith”, was trampled and … Continue reading

Tuesday August 4, 2020 “To See and Partake”

2 Kings 7:19 Then that officer had answered the man of God, and said, “Now look, if the LORD would make windows in heaven, could such a thing be?” And he had said, “In fact, you shall see it with your eyes, but you shall not eat of it.” The officer scoffed at the possibility … Continue reading

Monday August 3, 2020 “Just as it says”

2 Kings 7:18 So it happened just as the man of God had spoken to the king, saying, “Two seahs of barley for a shekel, and a seah of fine flour for a shekel, shall be sold tomorrow about this time in the gate of Samaria.” “It happened just as the man of God had … Continue reading

Sunday August 2, 2020 “Gate Keepers”

2 Kings 7:17 Now the king had appointed the officer on whose hand he leaned to have charge of the gate. But the people trampled him in the gate, and he died, just as the man of God had said, who spoke when the king came down to him. Good evening and welcome to the … Continue reading

Saturday August 1, 2020 “Throw Aways”

2 Kings 7:15 And they went after them to the Jordan; and indeed all the road was full of garments and weapons which the Syrians had thrown away in their haste. So the messengers returned and told the king. The Syrian Army threw away perfectly good items in their fearful departure from camp. Pray that … Continue reading