Tuesday August 27, 2013 “Peaceful Hearts at School”

  In the Book of Genesis there is a story about Joseph, son of Jacob.  Through unfortunate circumstances he was taken into a man’s house as a mere slave.  He was then lied about there and sent to a prison.  There Joseph was able to remain peaceful in His heart about the circumstances.  The iron bars did not incarcerate the young man’s soul.
  In prison, Joseph paid attention to details – even those concerning a royal butler, a baker and a dream.  In due time, God used Joseph to interpret the dream and because of his focus on important things in life he was released from prison and became Prime Minister of Egypt.
  Pray that our children have peaceful hearts as they learn and that they focus on things that will be important to their future which is yet to unfold.  Remember, all of this led to the salvation of Joseph’s family.

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