Sunday August 31, 2014 “Labor Day”

Here we are at the end of the “Summer Season” tomorrow being Labor Day the final summer holiday.
Welcome to our Sunday evening time of intercession for America.  From 6-9pm (all time zones) it is asked that you join us in prayers of agreement for at least 15 minutes.  Thank you for your spiritual investment in America’s future.
Jesus identified with working people.  He worked hard at the carpenter’s table, got dirt under his fingernails and most likely had a few “blue” nails when learning from Joseph how to use a hammer.  Jesus gave dignity to work by choosing not to be born with a silver spoon in his mouth.
Moving into the age of modernity laborers were treated in ways never intended by God who made man to work the earth and produce plenty.  The average worker labored 12 to 20 hours a day for a pittance.  People lived in shacks and suffered cruelty at the hands of their employers.
In the eighteenth century revivalists like John Wesley took up the challenge to renew the dignity of work.  He called for repentance in every area of his life including the workplace.  Revival came and so did the honor of the working man.  We need this kind of revival in America that will impact the middle class in America.
Prayer Focus #1:  Pray that there be a just weight and an even balance between American workers and employers that will result in the dignity of the working public rising to new heights along with productivity and quality of workmanship.
Prayer Focus #2:  As a 12 year old Jesus said, “I must be about my Father’s business.”  Pray with me that parents encourage a strong work ethic to the children of America as modeled here by God Himself.
Prayer Focus #3:  Mark 12:37 tells us that “the common people heard Jesus gladly.”  Listen to the words from John Wesley, “Give me 10 men – only 10 who fear nothing but God, hate nothing but sin, and love nothing but souls, and I will shake the foundations of hell and set up the Kingdom of God in this present world.”
It is interesting to note that where there is a need, God always sends His servants.  Let our intercession tonight include calling upon God to place a burden upon every believer in every workplace in America to see the need for righteousness and be a living example of righteousness in the marketplace.  That, my dear friends, will bring economic revival to our land and prosperity to all including the middle class.

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