Sunday August 8, 2021 “Worship God”

2 Kings 17:16

“16 So they left all the commandments of the Lord their God, made for themselves a molded image and two calves, made a wooden image and worshiped all the host of heaven, and served Baal.”

Good evening and welcome to the Sunday Night Edition of “We are the People” Prayer for America.  Every Sunday we bring together the hearts of intercessors that choose to invest a minimum of 15 minutes in prayers of agreement between the hours of 6:00p.m. and 9:00p.m. using the three focus points listed below as a guide. May God bless you for your concern for America’s future expressed in prayer tonight.  We encourage you to join us in prayer daily and invite others to join us.

Yesterday we saw that God’s people left God’s commandments. Tonight, we will see the mistakes of God’s people past and hope we will not make the same mistakes in the present and future in America. In 1 Kings 12 and following, we discover details concerning the golden calves, the idol, the host of heaven and of course, Baal. Let’s pray:

Prayer Focus #1 The whole chain of event began when king Jeroboam felt like the people going up to Jerusalem for worship would turn the people’s hearts toward Rehoboam king of Judah. Fear was his motivation. Pray that our leaders will not be led by fear but be led by the Spirit of God.

Prayer Focus #2 Like with Aaron brother of Moses in the wilderness journey, King Jeroboam led the way in making two claves for the people to worship. IN the story of the golden calf in the Exodus from Egypt the people brought their previous metals to make calves in Jeroboam’s day. Let us pray tonight that we in America will see what government fiscal policies are leading us into- a financial crisis – and bring a halt to outlandish spending through the voting process this coming Fall and beyond.

Prayer Focus #3 God’s people worship the host of heaven – the star (astrology) and served the false god Baal. Let us pray that the affections of God’s people in America be focused on worshipping and serving the one true God and not be distracted by a desire for things near at hand (Baal) or those things out of their reach (the host of heaven). God’s people are most influential and productive when they are content in their belief in God and His will for their lives.


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